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Hess's History

Lloyd and Paul Hess grew up in the butchering business, learning the skill from their father. Twenty years after their start in the family business, Lloyd and Paul now own Hess's Butcher Shop, 2635 Willow Street Pike, Willow Street, where they butcher beef and pork and make their specialty ---- smoked beef bologna.

The shop which was built in 1916, used to have salt- cured hams hanging to age in the third floor attic and ice boxes filled with ice from the river to cool the meat.

But the Hess brothers are not stalled in the past when it comes to their business. New directions were needed to keep the business current and thriving so the Hess's added deer butchering to their offerings.

"We're very particular about our products," Paul says. "We carefully screen the meat when it comes in, to assure the kind of product you and your family would enjoy."

They do more than just cut, wrap and freeze the venison brought to them by the successful hunters. Each year, they try to, "offer something new and exciting for the deer hunter," says Paul Hess.
They process about 2,000 deer each season, which runs from October through February, making a variety of products including deer bologna, sausage, kielbasa, jerky, ring bologna, trail bologna, chili and more. Many of these items are perfect for holiday party trays.

Their most popular venison offering is old-fashioned sweet bologna. Paul says, "Our products are ones that the whole family can enjoy." For the kids, there are hot dogs, and pepper sticks are favorites of hunters and campers."

When you, or the hunter in your family, comes home from the hill with your deer this season, take it to Hess's Butcher Shop. For more information, call 717-464-3374.