About Us - Hess's Deer Processing

About Us

Lloyd Hess grew up in the butchering business, learning the skill from his father. The business is now in its third generation with Lloyd’s son, Eric, now involved. The shop which was built in 1916, used to have salt-cured hams hanging to age in the third floor attic and ice boxes filled with ice from the river to cool the meat.

Their deer processing season runs from October through January, making a variety of products including deer bologna, sausage, kielbasa, jerky, ring bologna, trail bologna, chili and more. Many of these items are perfect for holiday party trays.

Their most popular venison offering is old-fashioned sweet bologna. Lloyd says, “Our products are ones that the whole family can enjoy.” For the kids, there are hot dogs — and pepper sticks are favorites of hunters and campers.”

When you, or the hunter in your family comes home with your deer this season, take it to Hess’s Butcher Shop.