FAQ - Hess's Deer Processing


Q: Do you process whole deer carcasses?

A: No, we are now only processing boneless meat.

Q: How long does it take to get my venison products back?

A: The wait is usually 3-6 weeks.

Q: What wild game do you process?

A: In addition to venison, we have processed wild boar, elk, geese, and bear. Please call us if you have questions.

Q: Can I put the boned meat into garbage bags?

A: Please do not use garbage bags. These are often not food-safe, and many garbage bags are scented, which could impact the meat.

Q: Is my meat kept separate?

A: No, all processed items are made in batches. This helps with turnaround times as well as consistency of products. Separate batches can be done, BUT you need 80 pounds going into ONE product.

Q: Are the smoked products shelf stable?

A: No, all products should be kept under refrigeration or frozen until consumed.

Q: Are the finished products vacuum sealed?

A: Yes, most products are vacuum sealed and frozen. Some products may be wrapped in freezer paper or in other containers.